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World Trading Hub is a commodities company headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri, specializing in selling a variety of products to Asian and European markets.

World Trading Hub provides wholesalers, retailers, and other trade customers around the world with high-quality products and export goods. We are a customer-oriented company with a commitment to excellent service and continuous development. Our range of products has grown over the years, and now includes a wide variety of items such as construction materials, chemicals, salt, cacao, chia, goji berries, rice, palm sugar, tobacco, wholesale clothing, and much more. World Trading Hub also specializes in electronic wholesale and Real Estate Holdings. We are a one-stop shop for brands looking to increase their global scale in Asia because we understand that navigating the Asian market can be challenging. We also help brand owners to scale up their operations through online platforms such as T-Mall and Jd, among others.

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Cross-Border E-Commerce

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Online Marketing

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Logistics & E-Commerce Fulfillment

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Omnichannel Support

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Financial Settlement

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Business Intelligence and Reports

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Product Photography

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Worldwide Delivery of Foods, Salts, and Minerals

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Supply Chain Management

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